Our Outreach team in Egypt needs your help immediately. Food, and water-purification equipment are in high demand. Make your contribution now or devote an afternoon to stocking our pantry and see first-hand the families we help daily.

Hope in Action

  • Acquired by Jumpsuite Inc.
  • Buckle-Up carseat campaign
  • Literacy outreach program launch
  • Parenting workshops in the making

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Nabil Rostom

Qudua cofounder/volunteer and entrepreneur.

We just launched a literacy outreach program in Egypt. Learn more about this page-turner and feel free to be part of this change. We need educators to help us get Egypt back on track. Educating the new generation is the very FIRST step.

Raising awareness on the importance of child and infant car seats. We are launching a mini campaign to help parents understand why child vehicle safety should be a top priority.

  • TruInk Magazine Issue 1 Printed
  • ​First round of funding secured
  • Allocating team and volunteers
  • Qudua Founded


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Norshek Fawzy

Qudua cofounder/volunteer and entrepreneur.

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Our Mission

Qudua has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for the health, safety and education of children in our community. Find out how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time.

Qudua seeks to ensure the rights of children by raising awareness and ensuring shelter, nutrition, health care and education to future generations.